America’s Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors

Our program’s main focus is to aid and facilitate the inward healing of wounded Veterans who have sustained combat-related injuries. This is a non-profit organization, and, as such, we must make a conscious effort to carefully screen and qualify all applicants accordingly. For this reason, we will require the completion of this form, together with the signature of your physician’s signature, photos, and biography. (Please see more detailed instruction for each section in order to provide you with some guidelines and specific requirements respectively.)

All information herein will be held in the strictest of confidence and shared only with those parties with a vested interest in the program or relevant activity. Should you qualify, by signing this form, you also hereby authorize and hold harmless, AHERO and its affiliates. Further, by signing this form, you are authorizing the use of this information, likeness, stories, and / or photos, as related to and deemed appropriate to the activity and furtherance of AHERO, and its general support in honor of your service to our nation.

We value and salute you, our nation’s heroes, and consider it an esteemed privilege to give back to you, in honor of your service and sacrifice!

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Physician's Information

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Your personal biography is perhaps the most important part of the application. The purpose of this biography is to aid AHERO in their application consideration, and further, to simply tell people about your service to honor you! We will do so by publishing all or parts of your biography on our website and other promotional materials in order to raise awareness and support.

There is no specific order, however, we are providing some guidelines to help you convey your personal experiences in the military and as a family. The more “personal” your story, the better, as we can then provide people with the true “face of a veteran,” and not merely a list of facts or statistics. In essence, we want others to see the person, not just the words or numbers put before them.

Please use first-person when telling your story. (i.e.: My name is...I served in the Marine Corps...etc.) The following is a list of questions to answer when writing your bio. Please answer in complete sentences and feel free to add your own flare, other relevant information, etc. to personalize your story. It does not have to follow this format, though we would like to see these questions included in your bio.

Please feel free to refer to examples on our website for ideas to create an interesting and compelling biography.


1) Name, Rank, and Branch of Service?

2) How long have you been in the military?

3) Where have you been deployed?

4) Tell us about the injury you sustained and how it happened.

5) Tell us about your family. Tell us how your service has affected the family unit and how your injuries are being dealt with collectively.

6) Tell us about support you have received from family, friends, churches, other organizations.

7) Tell us about any special awards received such as ARCOM, PURPLE HEART, BRONZE STAR, etc. (*Please do not note any common awards such as Army Service Ribbon, etc. which are given upon completion of Advanced Training.)

8) Tell us what it is like to be home and what you are doing now.

9) If you have participated in AHERO activities, or with a similar organization, please be sure to include some information on how your participation impacted you, helped you heal, created connections, etc.


• We would like to see a minimum of 5 photos of you in service uniform and some of your family, extracurricular activities, etc.

• If you have participated in similar organization hunts or previously with AHERO, we would love to have some photos of those activities!

• Please do not include any photos directly following your injuries to include gore, as we cannot and will not publish those.

• For security purposes, we will not publish any photos of your children by themselves. However, family photos are welcome and encouraged!

Medical Release

AHERO requires a signed statement of release by your physician approving your safe participation in hunting activities and handling of firearms.

Download the pre-formatted Physician's Release Form here:

Physicians Release Form

In order for us to process your application, we will need the following documents:

This is documents you have received from the Department of Defense or the Veterans Administration. If you have been discharged from service please provide your DD214 that shows category of discharge as well. If you are still on active duty, a scanned copy of your Military ID will suffice.

VA Ratings Breakdown:
Your disability rating should be broken down by category of service connected injuries. Not simply a page that shows what your overall rating is. We need to know what your rating(s) is/are in order to best determine how to assist.

Picture ID:
This can be either a copy of your Military ID, Driver’s License, VA Card, Etc.

Minimum of 5 pictures of yourself [include family members, OPTIONAL]

Please provide us with accurate information about yourself so that we can get the assistance you requested to you as soon as possible! As with all documents of a secure nature, please mark out your social security number, driver’s license number, etc.

WARNING: If you do not provide us with your complete documentation as requested, we will not be able to accept your application!

Once you have submitted your additional documents and the online form, your application is complete! We look forward to adding you to our family of Veterans and circle of friends!




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