Jake Healy

My name is Jake Healy and I am a corporal in the Marine Corps. I’ve been in the military for just about four years. I’ve been deployed once to Afghanistan. I was involved in an IED blast in 2012. The blast left me and my VC with fractured backs, concussions, and other cuts and bruises. The gunner, LCpl Means was killed in action. My wife has taken great care of me when I came home. My service has affected my family in a mostly positive way. My injuries are being dealt with by just relaxing and knowing what I can and can’t do. My back has pretty much healed up but it’s going to be sore at times for the rest of my life, which is bearable. For my headaches, I’ve been trying to eat better foods and get more sleep and it’s been helping. Support from my family and friends have awesome. They always keep me laughing and smiling. My awards include a Purple Heart and a Combat Action Ribbon for the wounds I received. Being back home in the states is what everyone over there looks forward to and I couldn’t be happier being back.

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Current statistics reveal there are as many as 18 veteran suicides per day. This translates to 6,500 a year, or more than 50,000 of our bravest citizens who have taken their own lives since 2003. These statistics are absolutely heart breaking. To prevent more tragic deaths, we want to provide a way to reach out to as many Veterans as we possibly can. To this end, we are determined to provide a different social and recreational environment for wounded Veterans--one in which they can continue their healing process and focus on their future instead of their past.

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At AHERO, we heal the physical and psychological wounds of war and military service by:
  • Introducing Veterans to resources and programs available to them to increase their overall quality of life.
  • Developing an informal support network of Veterans across the country.
  • Encouraging constructive communication and engagement.
  • Boosting Morale.



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