1stSgt Pruitt, USMC
...Sergeant Christopher Pruitt pushed through the door of the house firing his 9 mm pistol, hitting the crouching figure three times in the chest. Keyed up by an adrenaline rush, he kept moving at the head of his three-man stack through another door to come face to face with another insurgent, “a big guy with a full beard and an AK47.” Another insurgent suddenly appeared from the left, and everyone opened fire. Pruitt was hit in the wrist and leg and put out of the fight. Corporal Ryan Weemer fired his pistol. “I unloaded a whole pistol magazine into the guy. I shot him so many times his gear was on fire.”

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First Sergeant Christopher Pruitt enlisted in the Marine Corps October 1997 and underwent recruit training at 1st Recruit Training Battalion, A co, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA.

Upon Graduation of Recruit Training Private Pruitt checked into the School of Infantry Camp Pendleton Ca.  Here he obtain the MOS 0341 and was ordered to 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, Camp Lejeune, NC.  He served in a variety of billets from Gun Line to Fire Direction Center.

Sergeant Pruitt went on terminal leave Augusta 2001 and started the process of coming back on to active duty 13 September 2001.  He was assigned to 3d Battalion, 1stMarines, Camp Pendleton, Ca.  Here he assumed the responsibilities of Squad Leader. 

In February 2006 Staff Sergeant Pruitt was assigned to 1stMarines Division Schools as the Mortar Chief.

In March of 2007 Staff Sergeant Pruitt received orders to Combat Instructor Course, School Of Infantry, Camp Pendleton Ca.  Upon completion of Combat Instructor School, he was assigned to Advance Infantry Training Company, Infantry Squad leaders Course, as Squad Advisor, Chief Instructor and Staff Non Commission Officer in Charge.

Upon completion of his tour in 2010, at Advance Infantry Training Company, Gunnery Sergeant Pruitt was reassigned to 3d Battalion, 4thMarines, Twentynine Palms, Ca.  While there Gunnery Sergeant Pruitt held the billets as Lima Company Weapons Platoon Sergeant and Company Gunnery Sergeant.

In January 2012 First Sergeant Pruitt received orders to 3d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Twentynine Palms, Ca.

In June 2014 First Sergeant Pruitt received orders to Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Bangor, Wa and currently assumes duties as the B Co First Sergeant.

Personal awards include Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V”, Meritorious Service Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat "V” and two gold stars and Combat Action Ribbon with gold star. 


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