Hero Registration

America’s Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors

Our program’s main focus is to aid and facilitate the inward healing of wounded Veterans who have sustained combat-related injuries. This is a IRS 501.c.3 Tax Exempt [non-profit] organization, and, as such, we must make a conscious effort to carefully screen and qualify all applicants accordingly. In order to participate in AHERO programming, we require the completion of this initial application form to proceed with AHERO registration. Upon acceptance of your application a member of our team will contact you to assist with the remainder of the registration process. Participation in AHERO events will require your completed registration form as well as photos, a biography, and the signature of your physician.

All information herein will be held in the strictest of confidence and shared only with those parties with a vested interest in the program or relevant activity. Should you qualify, by signing this form, you also hereby authorize and hold harmless, AHERO and its affiliates. Further, by signing this form, you are authorizing the use of this information, likeness, stories, and / or photos, as related to and deemed appropriate to the activity and furtherance of AHERO, and its general support in honor of your service to our nation.

*Please note that initial registrations do not guarantee participation in AHERO events. Specific programs may be limited by time, location, and availability.

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